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Sixth form colleges ( 16-18 years)

подготовка к университету ( 16-18 лет),

Has your child finished secondary school in Russia and is planning to continue their education at a British university? If his English is of a sufficient level, we recommend first attending a two-year A-level programme in one of Britain’s private schools.

A-Level is a two-year specialised programme which prepares students for university education. During these two years each student studies only 3 to 4 subjects in depth. The nation-wide A-level exams count as university entrance exams – in other words, successfully completing education at a private school in UK practically guarantees entrance into one of Britain’s prestigious universities.

Other options of preparing for university entrance include an extended education programme at an Independent Sixth Form College and a foundational preparation programme based on your chosen university.

Advantages of the A-level programme for prospective undergraduates

  • Small class sizes
  • Emphasis is made on the three to four chosen subjects, which will be key for their chosen profession
  • A-level examinations count as university entrance exams
  • Two years of education in a new country will allow your child to adapt to a new culture and make friends with whom they are likely to continue further education

A-Level. Where to study?

First of all, it is important to decide the subject area in which your child is planning to continue their education. Based on this, the managers from Prime UK Property will find a suitable A-level programme in a school or college which offers the best teaching in the subjects they will require to specialise in. In addition, we will, of course, offer advice in choosing which subjects are best to specialise in for your chosen degree options; these also form part of the selection criteria for university admissions.

A well-selected A-level programme, carefully chosen specialisation subjects and a high quality of preparation at your chosen institution – the best possible guarantee that in two years’ time a prospective undergraduate will have all the necessary knowledge for university admissions, which means he will be able to step into the world of the best university education on the planet.

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