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To the UK for a dream

про школы

Every parent dreams of his dear son or sweetheart daughter to have an excellent education. But, unfortunately, the Russian educational system does not always guarantee realization of this dream. Therefore, more and more families send their children to get some sense into their heads abroad. Most often the choice falls on the UK and this is not surprising as the British are known not only for their conservatism, but also a great contribution to the global science, history and culture. As for their private schools, they are known for unusual educational methodologies. After all, education is based not only on teenager’s interests, but also features of their character.

Why send children to a private school?

  • The language of instruction is classical English, indispensable today for a success-oriented person. Recall, when you were a child, teachers constantly demanded the correct pronunciation, but unfortunately they did not always correctly spelled words themselves.
  • Then, when entering a university (and sometimes – applying for a job), you were asked to pronounce differently. You were surprised and could not always understand why. But children, studying in the UK private schools, will never face such problems. They can build a successful career much easier. After all, the native-speaker command of English will let them feel an integral part of the Western society.
  • A Certificate of English schools opens doors to any UK university. Diplomas of British universities are highly valued around the world. A graduate of such university can work in any company or corporation, including international ones.
  • English schools do not have such thing as a class. Education is carried out only according to an individual plan. Teenagers attend subjects they are interested in. There is a small group of students at the lesson. Thus, a child can not only learn information better, but also find friends with the same interests.
  • Studying at a private school will make a teenager independent. Firstly, due to the lack of permanent parental control and, secondly, the teaching process is structured in a way to give students the opportunity to make their own decisions.
  • The child will learn to get along with different people and work as a team. Accommodation on boarding school territory will help them make friends from other countries and find a common language with them. Visiting discussion clubs will eliminate fear of public speaking, teach how to defend your position and reason it.
  • A variety of educational institutions allows choosing a perfect school for your child, develop his talents and strengthen character.
  • Your child will have more time to study their favorite subjects and prepare for a university. A teenager may not study subjects that they won’t need in the future. Permanent access to the libraries will save a lot of time, as all necessary literature is at hand. Students can also play sports and attend a variety of clubs without leaving school grounds.
  • Boarding schools have iron discipline.

Types of education

Little Englishmen most often study at day schools or boarding houses. In the first case, they attend it only for classes and then go home. In the second, children not only learn, but also live at school grounds. Representatives of other countries prefer to send their children to boarding schools as students are under the control of adults all the time there. The children also get plenty of additional training and opportunities – for example, various sports clubs, discussion clubs, visiting the library at any time and much more.

The school system

Children of 7 to 11 visit the so-called Preparatory School. Among others, compulsory subjects include math and English. Children can also study other subjects (e.g. geography, music, history). To enroll in such a school, a child must pass tests in compulsory subjects, reading and oral presentation. Preparatory school prepares children for enrolling in a senior school, which usually admits children of 11-13 years old. Over the years, the number of subjects increases as the child decides on his future profession and starts preparing for entering a university. At the age of 14, students choose subjects they need to pass the GCSE. Usually, a child is asked to choose 9-12 subjects for study. Compulsory secondary education ends at the age of about 16. Teenagers, who want to enter a university, continue to study the special A-Level program. It features studying 3-4 subjects required for entry to the desired faculty.

There is the International Study Centre for residents of other countries, who want to get an education in private schools, but not ready for it yet. They can improve their English there and better learn principles of studying other subjects. Studying at such centers takes from three months to two years, after that a teenager can continue studying at a private school or immediately enter a university.

How to prepare your child for enrolling in a private school

If you want to send your child to study abroad, make sure that they have successfully pass the tests. We will be happy to help you to prepare your child for enrolling in a private school. To make it easier for them to adapt, we suggest improving English at special courses. Also, do not forget that many private schools have summer training programs for children who want to study at their schools.


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