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Students accommodation

Students accommodation

Today, studying at the UK universities and private schools is a common thing. Many people want to study abroad. If your dream has come true and you have been admitted the selected school or university, it is time to think of accommodation. This also applies to people who just want to improve their English and spend a few weeks or months in the UK.

Where and how do students live in the UK?

Why waste time on commuting, if you can rent a house near your place of study? Thus, you will not only save time, but also nerves. After all, there’s little pleasure in getting up early and dragging yourself to the other end of the city. Especially, in the typical London weather – fog or rain. But renting a room in a dormitory, a flat or a house near the university may be difficult.

Firstly, do not forget that you are not the only one who got a brilliant idea of renting a room near the place of study. Secondly, other students may be faster. Thirdly, there is no guarantee that accommodation in the desired area won’t cost more than usually, simply because that you do not know all nuances of the lease. Fourthly, not all landlords are fair people.

To avoid troubles and save money, turn to specialists. Our company will do everything to provide you with comfortable accommodation for the period of study. We offer comfortable, modern and cheap dormitory accommodation not only at attractive prices, but also with great living conditions. Dormitories are usually located near the place of study. The period of your stay does not really matter – it may be the whole academic year or a couple of months, as the lease agreement is concluded for any term. Everything depends entirely on your requirements.

Advantages of student dormitories

Student dormitories have certain advantages over an apartment or room in a private house. We offer only modern facilities equipped with quality furniture, latest technologic innovations and high-speed internet. Buildings are usually located near the university. Due to the convenient transport interchange, the educational complex is not isolated from the city.

Safety is guaranteed to both students and their personal belongings. The territory of the dormitory is guarded round the clock. There is also constant video surveillance. So do not worry that one day, coming back to your room, you won’t find your expensive laptop or camera.

In the UK dormitories, there are no such things as “a line to the shower” or “no more space in the closet”. Whatever you choose – a room in the block or a small studio apartment, you will have a separate bathroom and storage space for personal belongings. Also do not worry that someone may distract you from studies: each student also has a quiet and secluded place where you can prepare for exams or seminars.

Student dormitory is also a place where you can meet with your age-mates from other countries. Go to the billiard room or TV room to have fun. You may find a pleasant companion in the dining room or kitchen. The student complex also has other public places, for example, areas of learning. If you have a lot of dirty clothes, it’s time to walk to the laundry.

Booking, payment and cancellation

If you plan to enter a UK university, it is better to take care of accommodation beforehand. Do not postpone solving this problem to the last day, because you risk to be left with nothing. After all, the less time left before the start of the school year – the more fussily rushing students, and the fewer are your chances to book a good accommodation. Save your nerves – reserve a room in advance! If you are not sure about your admission to the university, do not worry: we guarantee that the dormitory will return you all the money paid in advance.

If you already know the kind of room you would like to book, decide on the lease term. When booking a room for the whole academic year, you should first make a deposit of half the accommodation cost. You can pay the rest money on arrival or later. Payment for short-term lease is made at booking.

Some students prefer to rent a room in a private house. This is almost a third cheaper than a room in a dormitory. The rent includes utility bills. The number of students living in such houses is usually three to five. Unlike a dormitory, they share not only the kitchen but also the bathroom.

If you plan to continue studying abroad, contact us! We will help you find comfortable accommodation and ensure great impressions for life. Our company has extensive experience of accommodation of international students for the period of study. We will find exactly what you need and agree on the best conditions!

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