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Secondary school (11-16 years)


Senior School

Senior Schoolis a secondary school in the UK for children of 11 to 16 or 18 years old. During the first years of study (until the age of 14), a child studies liberal arts, and then, considering his abilities, priorities and wishes, gets a specialization – a curriculum of 8-12 subjects, he will take the GCSE exam (General Certificate of Secondary Education) on when graduating the high school. After passing the GCSE exam, a graduate gets his first school-leaving certificate, it usually happens at the age of 16. Then, if the teenager wants to enter one of the UK universities, he may continue studying the A-Level program at the same school or go to the UK College of Continuing Education. Read more here.

Studying in a UK private school is a shortcut to a prestige university

One of the key priorities of any UK private school is cultivating the desire to continue education in one of the top universities of the country. Therefore, besides general knowledge in different subjects, in a UK private school a child will get communication and discussion skills, basic knowledge of fine arts and cultural traditions of the United Kingdom, definitely love some sport and get a certificate of secondary education, being a strong, confident person with perfect English skills and prepared for further education and building a successful career in any country of the world.

Open the door to a brighter future for your child!

Another service provided by specialists of Prime UK Property is assisting in selection of a UK private school. The thing is that all children of our employees are already studying in classical daytime or boarding schools of the UK, that is why Prime UK Property knows everything about enrolling, studying and development of children in various schools from personal experience.

We have already confirmed for ourselves that selection of a UK private school should be based on the child’s character and inclination to certain subjects. All private schools provide an excellent athletic training and plenty of additional activities according to children’s interests, children study according to the individual curriculum, but nevertheless every educational institution has its specialization.

Besides interests and preferences of the child, we will consider your wishes on the city of Great Britain, where the school should be located, tuition fees, provide you with all necessary information and answer any questions to help you decide on a boarding school or classical daytime school.

The package of services on selection of a UK private school includes consultancy support for preparation of documents for enrolling and passing the interview in the selected school.

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